Martyn Cook

A little bit about me

I am a web developer who partners with brands and agencies around the world to build accessible and performant websites.

Web Developer

End to end development, project management.

  • Birthday: September 1964
  • Phone: +64 21 0221 2627
  • City: Leithfield, New Zealand
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  • Freelance: Available

I specialize in building JAMStack websites using Eleventy and leveraging Sanity for custom content management solutions (CMS), with an emphasis on design accuracy and an accessibility-first approach.



Martyn Cook

My first employment out of high school was with an electronics repair firm. During this period I completed an apprenticeship and New Zealand Certificate in Radio and Associated Electronics. I then shifted gears and spent the next 15+ years working in hospitality. From casual bar tender to management, and in locations such as Invercargill, Geelong Victoria, Hobart Tasmania, Queenstown, and Christchurch.

Life came full circle when my IT career began in early 2000.

I became self-employed as an IT consultant and Web Developer in 2003 and have remained so ever since.

Professional Experience

Self Employed

2003 - present

New Zealand

Since 2003 I have operated as a self-employed IT consultant working mostly with small to medium sized businesses. As my client's single point of IT support I was required to maintain a wide breadth of knowledge of 'all things IT'.
However, the desire to focus on the web and developing cost-effective solutions for small business has always been there, and now is at the forefront of my work.

The re-tooling I have undergone over the last eighteen months;

  • Has built on 20+ years of HTML and CSS experience,
  • Extended my knowledge and use of JavaScript,
  • Extended my knowledge of the Shopify platform,
  • Introduced JAMStack technologies to my toolkit

Going forward I am seeking projects that can utilise and extend my toolkit. The technologies, platforms, and frameworks I am most focused on are;

  • Eleventy (Static Site Generator and templating engine using Nunjucks),
  • Sanity (Structured Content Platform),
  • Vue.js (JavaScript framework),
  • Shopify (and Shopify Connect for Sanity).

    Of course, if I can GET, POST or AWAIT it, I can work with it.

Industry Qualifications


Southland Boys' High School

1977 - 1980

Invercargill New Zealand

I completed my Secondary School education in 1980 having achieved

  • School Certificate (6 subjects)
  • Sixth Form Certificate
  • University Entrance

During my secondary school years I was fortunate enough to captain the SBHS 1st 11 football team for 2 years as well as representing and captaining my province through the age groups.


From design implementation to publishing on the internet, the services provided result in performant, accessible, and responsive websites built to current design standards.

Provide me with your finished web design and I will deliver a professional HTML/CSS website ready either to be published as is or to integrate with your data platform.

Take your HTML/CSS website to the next level by connecting it with your data. Integrate data from your CMS, or any data source you choose.

Enjoy the performance and security benefits of utilising the JAMStack for your website frontend while continuing to use the platform you know for managing your content.

No more module update nightmares! No more security concerns...

Shopify recently made a 'significant investment' in Sanity, signalling their understanding of how Sanity can deliver the best content editorial experience while Shopify focuses on developing the worlds most successful e-commerce platform.

Let me bring the best of both worlds to your E-Commerce stores.

In the JAMStack era a custom built web site makes more sense than the traditional monolith sites (Wordpress, Drupal, DNN) that are built on technologies dating back to 2003.

No more application updates, no more security patches. No more security concerns, period!

The output of a Static Site Generator like Eleventy is as the name suggests, static files. HTML, CSS, your site assets like graphics and images, and maybe some Javascript for interactivity. This is what will be delivered to you, ready to be hosted anywhere. is the unified content platform that powers better digital experiences

Structure your content the way you want it. No more shoehorning data into rigid systems. No more using a blog application to sell your products.

Learning Management, Content Management, memberships, products, articles.., shape your data to your requirements with Sanity. Then manage it in your custom built content studio.

I can help with that.